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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Red Snapper Report 06/21/09

Over the weekend I was invited to go offshore, unfortunately I had other plans for the weekend. I have recently talked to several anglers who have braved the heat and high gas prices to run out to 60-80 feet. The reports where all about the same. Lots of short gag grouper and in less than 50 feet the short red grouper are so thick that it's hard to catch any legal fish.

While the grouper fishing is somewhat difficult everyone agrees that the snapper fishing is better than most can remember. Over the last 3 weekends, the anglers I spoke to limited out every trip on red snapper and big gray snapper (mangrove snapper). The biggest red snapper reported was 28 lbs with several other over 20 lbs. And most of the mango snappers have been in the 5 lbs pound range.

The key to snapper fishing is downsize your tackle and use long fluorocarbon leaders. Leaders should at least 6 ft min (the longer the better). Most grouper rods are rigged up with 60 - 100# mono or braid, loaded with 4-8oz lead. With snappers keen eye sight you would be hard pressed to catch a snapper with that rig. Bring a couple of rods rigged up with 20 and 30# mono or braid and reduced lead. You will want to use the lightest weights just so the baits sink. Remember the snapper have no problem come up 10-20 feet off the bottom for a meal and catching them that high off the bottom allows you to use lighter line.

The heat and gas price may slow down many anglers, but the ones who do head well offshore seem to collect their rewards in snapper.

Good Luck

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