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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shallow Water Grouper

Shallow water grouper report. I ran in to a friend this afternoon and got the report on the recent grouper catches. Last Saturday, they ran out to 30-35 ft and could not get a bite. On the way in they decided to stop in 9 ft and limited out in about 45 minutes.

The key to shallow water grouper fishing is do not get too close to the rock. The grouper can feel the pressure of the boat and will either move away from or under the rock. Also for those who are fortunate to have such prized locations, it's a good idea to dive the rocks over the warm summer months and take note of which way the rock lays, if and where holes are located and the hole's orientation. Then in the spring and fall you will be ready to limit out and get back to the dock in a few hours.

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